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He was like clockwork. 5am he was up. Hardly a minute later, sometimes earlier. Years of discipline, he had said. I am not my body. My body us for me to control and put under my command. He nudged her awake gently and she rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands and got into a position she did rather more subconsciously from months of habit, kneeling with clasped hands for prayers. Continue reading


b73ec4d7e4fe825db936b19d2e4db382Another story from the e-book: Love and Other Cures of the Common Cold. Find more of the writer’s works here.

She coughed all through the night. He drifted in and out of sleep miserably through it. Waking up when the hacking sounds got loud behind his ears. Some comforting words, a cup of water, and pulling the duvet tightly over her. It was strange and annoying that there was no medication of any sort in the house. How the last one was used up and not replaced was a mystery to him. Ok, maybe not that much of a mystery. This was not rocket science. He simply forgot, he thought. Continue reading

Adeleke Love Story: Episode Seven

love_storyRead episode six here.

If she had known that things would turn out the way it did she wouldn’t have attended the wedding but she didn’t know the couple and she couldn’t even turn down Gbemi’s invitation.
Ever since they met, Tutu had this great feeling for him and it was only a matter of time before she finally fell in love with him. The love she had for Gbemi was a very strong one, she had never had that kind of love for anyone not even Adeleke that she considered as probably her best ex, what she has for Gbemi is so strong that she is literally willing to die for him and this was one of the reasons why she had to return the baby. She had thought about it over and over again, contemplating whether to tell Gbemi about her secret but the risk of telling him and losing him was too high a risk for her to take.

Gbemi was not just disappointed but was also very surprise he couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he too loved Tutu very much as a matter of fact he was actually waiting for her birthday before he propose to her but with what he was witnessing that thought became a lost memory. He wasn’t Continue reading

Adeleke Love Story: Episode Six

love_storyRead episode five here.

Immediately Tutu saw the baby, she started feeling uncomfortable. Funmilayo walked into the tent they (Tutu and the guy she came with) were seated and acted like someone that just arrived for the party. She had seen Tutu before via some of the pictures Adeleke showed her but that didn’t do justice because she later admitted that Tutu looked more beautiful in person.

I am sorry for disturbing you, please is the one of the tent meant for the bride’s guest” Funmi asked the guy that Tutu came with. She was very nervous, at the same time she was confused. She could recognise the baby, but she didn’t know who Funmi was and how the baby got to her hand. Before the guy could reply her Funmi added “allow sit here for a while, I think my baby needs a change of diaper, I hope that won’t make you feel uncomfortable? “Not all, I mean it always like that with babies, I understand and yes this is one of the tent meant for the bride’s guest” the guy that Tutu came with said. It was when the guy was about to introduce Tutu to Funmilayo he noticed the strange act Tutu was putting on, “what’s the problem? He asked as he noticed her face was squeezed. “Or is it the diaper that is making you feel uncomfortable? He added and before Tutu could respond Funmilayo cuts in “I am so sorry if I am making you feel uncomfortable, I am almost done and I would be out of your hair soon enough”. “No it okay, really I am just having a stomach upset” Tutu said as her eyes were focus on the baby and her mind on how the baby got to Funmilayo hands.  Continue reading

Broken Trust

Broken-trust-600x524My excitement knew no bounds that fateful Monday morning, as I got dressed and prepared for my first lecture at the university.

I stood by looking at the mirror, which made me reflect on my life and who I have grown to become. Physically, i was a very beautiful damsel with qualities wanted by every man.my beauty knew no limits as i  could make the toughest of hearts melt because of my beauty. Till today, I believe my beauty could be compared to that of “Delilah” who made the great Samson fall.

I quickly applied my makeup and hurriedly left for my proposed faculty of learning.

I had started amassing lots of friends two weeks later,including male admirers who i had a great tinge of hatred for…boys irritated me. Most of the boys were even afraid to talk to me because of my rudeness. Continue reading

Happy New Week

happy-new-week-inspirational-quotesThey say to truly know a people; you have to know their proverbs. Here are some really inspiring Chinese proverbs.

  • To buy a quarrel, lend money to a friend
  • The harder you fall, the higher you bounce.
  • One who gains mastery will create his own opportunities
  • Frugality is the mother of prosperity
  • A goal without a deadline is only a wish. A dream with a deadline becomes a goal.
  • When you want to test the depth of a stream, do not use both feet.
  • You cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back.
  • A wise man makes his own decisions; an ignorant man follows public opinions.
  • Cheap things are good but good things are not good.
  • The day your horse dies and your money’s lost, your relatives change to strangers.

Can you relate to these few proverbs, irrespective of the fact that they are Chinese?



1399081289-alg-angry-couple-jpgAnother story from the e-book: Love and Other Cures of the Common Cold. Find more of the writer’s works here.


It was OK that she kept late nights. In between school and modelling, which was more ushering and auditioning than actual modelling, it was inevitable. And then it was seasonal, so for days, into weeks, they saw each other more than was necessary and he knew exactly where she was every other night.

He slept irregularly, really was not a problem for him. But she worried about his eyes always glued to the computer screen. But it was his job, his passion.

She missed him. The playful, carefree him. Curious and analytic. Funny. Indulging. Now he was just Continue reading