VI story from the e-book: Love and Other Cures of the Common Cold. Find more of the writer’s works here.

“Are you still here?”

He tapped her lightly on the shoulders. She did not wake. So he tapped harder again. She did not budge. Now he turned her over her side, she talked incoherently from her sleep. He thought that would be enough to get her up so he went to adjoining room and fetched his pair of running shoes. Changed into shorts and a light shirt. She still lay there, the bed sheet half covering her nakedness.

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Memoirs of a Gay Teenage Virgin (entry four)

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One of the biggest problems I’ve faced as a gay teen is loneliness. Every human being is born with the need to belong, to fit in, to be accepted, to have a group he can identity with. While I’m fully aware of the fact that I’m surrounded by people who love me, I still feel misunderstood, the need to hide, the silence cripples me, sometimes I just want to say to my family “you know what I’m gay” I hate having to lie, I hate facing the problems I face and not being able to talk about them with anyone.

So far there are three people who are aware of my sexual orientation who I have a physical relationship with, two are straight the other like me, is gay. The closest I ever come to feeling totally free and comfortable is when I’m with my gay friend, it’s a Continue reading

Adeleke Love Story: Episode Two

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He gave it his best just to make it work and she also tried everything within her capacity but from the looks of things they weren’t that compatible soul mate they thought they were. Just like the way she read it in books, Princess wanted a long lasting relationship, a love that will grow and stand the test of time but as for Adeleke he didn’t believe in love planning, he thought things would fall into place when the time is right.

Princess never had any serious relationship (that not to say she didn’t fall in love) up until she met him again and this was a hindering factor to Adeleke who at least had more dating experience than her. They spent two and half years trying to see how they could cope with one another, she was in Ibadan and he was in Ogun State, from midnight calls, to regularly texting and once in a month checking up, he did all he could but at the end he got stressed out and just like that the relationship ended. Continue reading

Musings of a Broke Ajebo (entry three)


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Sunday Sister

July 26, 2015…

The Soul mate Concept.

Do you think that the concept of having a soulmate is true? That out there, there is a person who will come into your life and you two would just “click”? You two might end up getting married and living happily-ever-after because you two were destined for each other.

If you’re one of those people that believe there are different types of soulmates, i.e. a soulmate which you connect with on an intellectual level, another soulmate who rhymes with you on a sexual level, e.t.c, here is the definition I got from Wikipedia: Continue reading

The Mrs. Status 3

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She got into her one-bedroom apartment. This was her sanctuary of sanctity. Here, the problems of the world melted away. As expected, there was no electricity. She had to call the gate man, Timothy, to help her get it started.

She took her bath and ate the jollof rice left over from breakfast.

Bukola called her a few minutes to 10. She was engrossed in watching a Latino telenovela on her favorite channel. She asked him to call her back in 20 minutes as she had something urgent she was attending to. This gave her time to put off the gen and get into bed.

She always slept nude.

Bukola called her up again. They spoke for a while and then the conversation got lewd. She didn’t Continue reading

Adeleke Love Story

He didn’t have the attitude that was expected of an average 10 years old boy just entering into J.S.S 1, growing up in the most developed ghetto in Lagos, Adeleke was one of the most liked kid on his block, that kid way those bros they call “my boy” but he never for once allowed it get into his head. A very shy kid that his first real understanding of emotions was heartbreak (at least so he thought at the moment), the incident occurred when he was seven when he boldly asked a girl out only for her to turn him down saying he was a small boy because he had a very small physique and from that moment onward his how to approach girl instinct went dead. Continue reading

Throwback Thursdays (Entry 3)

Again and again he squeezed my ass. It felt wonderful so i squeezed his too. They were so soft. I had never felt thus good in my life. Then he was on top of me and then I was on top of him. We continued this way. I was in no hurry because I had all the time in the world. He sat up and drew me close to him then he pushed my head down gently towards his penis. I held back a little. This was his private part and it was supposed to be dirty. He passed my head down more and then my tongue tasted it. It was salty. It felt good in my mouth. I licked the tip and he moaned. I inhaled his tiny pubes, they smelt of smoke. Without warning I took all of him in my mouth. He exclaimed something in hausa. I kept on going and he kept on moaning. This was awesome. My own boner was so erect it hurt. Suddenly he began to shake again like he did the the other day. I struggled to keep his penis in my mouth and then I heard it. Someone was at the door.

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Memoirs of a Gay Teenage Virgin (entry three)

memoirsRead entry two here.

Before I realized and accepted i was gay, I was quite homophobic. I remember when I was little, around 9 or 10 we had this gate-man, his name was Sule.
Sule, as well as being our gate-man, used to help us with little chores around the house, like fetching water from the well outside, and cutting grass…generally he did the menial jobs everyone else was too lazy to do. I don’t think he liked that so much, anytime he fetched water for us, I’d see blobs of spit floating atop the buckets of water, I tried to tell everyone else, but they never believed me, I guess I’d cried wolf too many times, besides everyone else loved him, my little brother who was around 5 or 6 around that time used to sneak into his house to eat with him, he could eat anything…still can.

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