Man of God

men-of-god1Man of God, why do you preach salvation to a heart of stone?

An heretic that has chosen not the path of his predecessors but of his ancestors.

Why do you waste your divine breath on a condemned soul?
A castaway that would be rejected on The Day.

Man of God, Why? Why do you wail for your god to cleanse his pungent sin.
The path in which the heartless fiend has cornered is like that of his hardened heart.

What will your Holy Book do to his soul, just like his heart.

Why do you tell him to bring from the little he has gathered to build your rich god’s house?

When you can use his stony heart.

Janus. A two-faced roman god

4 thoughts on “Man of God

  1. Jesus says to love your enemies. To preach to the cold hearted is an act of love and one that is not worthless but plentiful. Learn to love. Hopefully you do realize that even the cold hearted man who is self destructive in his foolish ignorant ways is the man who needs you to preach God to him the most. Jesus came to save the world not to condemn it. If you are of God you would understand


    • That’s the thing, the conversation is between an unbeliever and a religious person. He is baffled, he needs answers.


  2. The cold-hearted unbeliever believes in something different from you. Respect his belief. You have no right to change it because he isn’t changing yours.

    Why preach to an “unbeliever”? Why try to change his belief? Could it be because you THINK your belief is better than his?

    Just curious.


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