Adeleke Love Story: Episode Six

love_storyRead episode five here.

Immediately Tutu saw the baby, she started feeling uncomfortable. Funmilayo walked into the tent they (Tutu and the guy she came with) were seated and acted like someone that just arrived for the party. She had seen Tutu before via some of the pictures Adeleke showed her but that didn’t do justice because she later admitted that Tutu looked more beautiful in person.

I am sorry for disturbing you, please is the one of the tent meant for the bride’s guest” Funmi asked the guy that Tutu came with. She was very nervous, at the same time she was confused. She could recognise the baby, but she didn’t know who Funmi was and how the baby got to her hand. Before the guy could reply her Funmi added “allow sit here for a while, I think my baby needs a change of diaper, I hope that won’t make you feel uncomfortable? “Not all, I mean it always like that with babies, I understand and yes this is one of the tent meant for the bride’s guest” the guy that Tutu came with said. It was when the guy was about to introduce Tutu to Funmilayo he noticed the strange act Tutu was putting on, “what’s the problem? He asked as he noticed her face was squeezed. “Or is it the diaper that is making you feel uncomfortable? He added and before Tutu could respond Funmilayo cuts in “I am so sorry if I am making you feel uncomfortable, I am almost done and I would be out of your hair soon enough”. “No it okay, really I am just having a stomach upset” Tutu said as her eyes were focus on the baby and her mind on how the baby got to Funmilayo hands. 

After Funmilayo had changed the diaper of the baby she stretched the baby to Tutu saying “please can you hold her for me, I would like to readjust myself”. She wanted to say no but before she could open her mouth Funmi had already placed the baby on her hands. Funmi had already told Adeleke that she was going to give him a sign, a sign that means that he should walk towards where she was and the sign was she standing up to readjust her cloth. From the tent Adeleke was seated, he could see Funmilayo perfectly though the way he had now positioned his chair even Funmilayo couldn’t locate him. Once Adeleke noticed that Funmi had stood up to adjust her cloth, he knew it was time for him to be involved in the action and like they had planned it, he brought out his phone and placed a call to Funmi as he walked toward the tent she was. Immediately she too also heard her phone ring, she knew Adeleke had gotten the sign so she too also played her part well. “Hello Adeleke where are you now, I have been trying to reach you? She said immediately she picked up the call. Tutu almost dropped the baby she was carrying immediately she heard that name Adeleke, she was nervous, she started to fidget while sitting, and she wanted to so much leave that environment. She faced the guy she came with and said “Gbemi look I am sorry but I think I have to leave, I am really not feeling too good” and while Gbemi was still trying ask what was wrong with her she sighted Adeleke from afar and she knew there was no way she was going to escape this. If she wasn’t holding the baby she would have probably took off, all she could do now was to wish the ground would open up and swallow her but that didn’t happen. “This is not our tent, ours is the grooms” Adeleke said as he and Funmi walked back to the tent. She ended the call immediately she saw him coming and instead of looking back at the direction of Tutu and the baby she walked up to Adeleke placed a kiss on him. “I thought you said……..” Oh My God, Tutu is this really you? Adeleke cuts in as he laid his eyes on her. She was totally in shock, she couldn’t say a word, “Hi” Gbemi said as he tried to make his presence known but Adeleke wasn’t in any chatty mood. Do you know her? Funmi asked. “Do I know her, it like you asking if today is my brother’s wedding, I over know her sef” Adeleke replied. At this point Gbemi once again tried to make his presence felt and this time he did. “I hope there is no problem here? He asked with a very thick voice. “Oh pardon my manners”, Adeleke said as he tried shaking hands with him. As they shock hands he said “there is no problem I am just surprise to see her here” he said right before he added this with a laughable voice, “ I mean we both went to the same primary and secondary school only parted ways during our university period”. “Oh what a small world it is” Gbemi said since he didn’t really understand what was going on. At this junction they were all seated down and Funmi had collected the baby back from Tutu but Tutu was still as silent as a graveyard which prompted Gbemi to ask “aren’t you going to greet your old times buddy? She was very confuse because she and Adeleke were not old times buddy at least not in the way Adeleke just painted it. Funmilayo too was also surprise because that wasn’t the part of the plan but instead of Tutu replying it was Adeleke who said “it okay if she doesn’t want to say hi, I know she still hold a gourde against me for what I did to her” he said. Immediately Tutu heard this, she thought this was her perfect way out so she took the bait and tried to play along, “yes I am still very much angry with you” she said.

Gbemi wasn’t feeling any comfortable anymore as he wanted the drama that was unfolding in front him to end quickly. He said “well I am sure we are all matured now, so can we leave the past behind us and move on”. Tutu knew the longer she sat down there the more risk she is taking, in as much as she didn’t want to tell Adeleke the truth about the baby and all that, she didn’t also want Gbemi to know what really transpired between her and Adeleke. Tutu was about to whisper something into Gbemi’s ears when Funmi said “Adeleke could you believe that your baby didn’t cry when Tutu carried her”. She knew the game was over, there was no more hiding the truth, if Adeleke didn’t want to say anything concerning the baby now he would and truly he did. She was already panicking, her legs were shaking, her head was faced down before Adeleke said “well I am not surprise, my baby recognises her mother that why”.  Gbemi couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he turned to Tutu hoping to hear something different but her expression alone confirmed truly she is the mother of the child. She tried raising her head up as she faced Gbemi to apologize to him for not telling him about the baby but Gbemi was more dumbfounded when he heard this “I think I deserve an apology too, you broke up with me for no reason and after two years you came to drop a baby at my doorstep without any explanation, really I deserve more than an apology or you don’t agree with me?

He said as his face went from Tutu to Gbemi to Funmi and back to Tutu.”

And that was it, all the secret she had be keeping for the past two years was exposed, the truth about why she broke with Adeleke, the pregnancy and why she came to drop the baby for Adeleke without any explanation, everything was out in the open as she began to explain herself.

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