The Wait

2015-02-25-WaitingdownWith all my will did I lift my lethal tool and break through her hard earth.

Dust spewed forth like moans.
Slowly, her misery tore apart revealing beneath her veneer of thorns and weeds, what good crust.

Seeds, I planted into her fertile ridges.

Sweat as elixir replenished our duel for thousand days of drought.
Pouring with gusto like the new rain of promise and hope.

With the battle over, I sit there looking at her.
Awaiting a fruitful harvest.

Janus. A two-faced roman god

My Thoughts, The Buts

alone+manThere are thoughts that beclouds my mind – It is about you
There are feelings that fill my heart – It is for you
What assurance do we have that following our instincts and our hearts that we won’t be led astray
What promise have we made that we won’t betray each other
Should we be led by our hearts or by d rules
If the truth is abolished
Then we defy all that we cal principles Continue reading

Of Monsters And Men

BtS_Web_Banner_580x270Editor’s Note:

This is a piece from a writer who would hopefully *fingers crossed* become a regular contributor. Couldn’t wait for his first entry. Had to post this from his blog. Loved it so much.

I’d like to have a bruise.
A broken nose, some missing teeth.
Something to show.
Something people can see.

I’d like a big scar – right across my face
One that makes people gasp and look away.
I want something that shows the pain,
Something that shows what it feels like
Something that makes people glad they’re not me.
Makes them know they’re the lucky ones, the fortunate ones. Continue reading