Adeleke Love Story: Episode Seven

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If she had known that things would turn out the way it did she wouldn’t have attended the wedding but she didn’t know the couple and she couldn’t even turn down Gbemi’s invitation.
Ever since they met, Tutu had this great feeling for him and it was only a matter of time before she finally fell in love with him. The love she had for Gbemi was a very strong one, she had never had that kind of love for anyone not even Adeleke that she considered as probably her best ex, what she has for Gbemi is so strong that she is literally willing to die for him and this was one of the reasons why she had to return the baby. She had thought about it over and over again, contemplating whether to tell Gbemi about her secret but the risk of telling him and losing him was too high a risk for her to take.

Gbemi was not just disappointed but was also very surprise he couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he too loved Tutu very much as a matter of fact he was actually waiting for her birthday before he propose to her but with what he was witnessing that thought became a lost memory. He wasn’t Continue reading

Adeleke Love Story: Episode Six

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Immediately Tutu saw the baby, she started feeling uncomfortable. Funmilayo walked into the tent they (Tutu and the guy she came with) were seated and acted like someone that just arrived for the party. She had seen Tutu before via some of the pictures Adeleke showed her but that didn’t do justice because she later admitted that Tutu looked more beautiful in person.

I am sorry for disturbing you, please is the one of the tent meant for the bride’s guest” Funmi asked the guy that Tutu came with. She was very nervous, at the same time she was confused. She could recognise the baby, but she didn’t know who Funmi was and how the baby got to her hand. Before the guy could reply her Funmi added “allow sit here for a while, I think my baby needs a change of diaper, I hope that won’t make you feel uncomfortable? “Not all, I mean it always like that with babies, I understand and yes this is one of the tent meant for the bride’s guest” the guy that Tutu came with said. It was when the guy was about to introduce Tutu to Funmilayo he noticed the strange act Tutu was putting on, “what’s the problem? He asked as he noticed her face was squeezed. “Or is it the diaper that is making you feel uncomfortable? He added and before Tutu could respond Funmilayo cuts in “I am so sorry if I am making you feel uncomfortable, I am almost done and I would be out of your hair soon enough”. “No it okay, really I am just having a stomach upset” Tutu said as her eyes were focus on the baby and her mind on how the baby got to Funmilayo hands.  Continue reading

Adeleke Love Story: Episode Five

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Funmi please leave whatever you are doing, I need you at my place right now, and please it is very urgent” Adeleke said as he kept on staring at the package in front of him. Who could have dropped this here? How they even enter my room? He tried touching it but he couldn’t because he was scared
. At the moment when things were beginning to fall in place between him and Funmi then this occur, “can someone be playing jokes with me” he asked as he waited eagerly waited for Funmi’s arrival.

It was the last month of his final year in school, with just one more paper to go, he would be a graduate, so he decided to take another chance with his heart and tell Funmi how he felt about her and also the main reason why he had rejecting having sex with her. Ever since the night he had Continue reading

Room 7

room7This is a new series from Akpa Arinzechukwu. He is a Nigerian short story writer. His works have appeared on Fundza, Poemhunter, and NaijaStories.

Dear Evelyn,

It has truly been quite a while since I wrote you. It must have been decades. Coming to America is not going to heaven; it is like going from purgatory to hell. That is all I have to say of my travelling from Nigeria to America.

I am writing to you today because I found a pen and a paper around the corner. My cellie got ‘em for me. I don’t know how. I need not ask because everything you see, hear, eat or do is a privilege inside this Big Boys Club.

I spent a year in America as a freeman and then, I was thrown into the Big House. I was convicted, they said, of a criminal conduct. I stole a white man shoe and I got locked up. I didn’t do that. I don’t know how many more years that I am needed to stay here; I have not been tried, but, don’t worry, I will be home soon. To Nigeria, to make up for the years I’ve not been around. I will stick to your side Continue reading

Adeleke Love Story: Episode Four

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Even though she never spoke about what happened the other night again she still thought about it and how crazy it would be if something like that would happen again. “I know it crazy but really I wouldn’t mind for it to happen again” she thought to herself. After her program, Mercy had to return home but instead of her going to her parent’s house she went to her sister’s house in Ibadan.

Her elder sister was married but she hasn’t been blessed with the gift of the womb though she once had a miscarriage which made her very sad. Due to work and some other stuff she with her husband who by the way works in a very big I.T firm haven’t had the chance to try again. Mercy elder sister just opened up a boutique store and this was why Mercy went to stay with her so that she could help her out though every weekend whenever her sis didn’t go to work Mercy would go to Onitsha to visit their parent. Continue reading

Adeleke Love Story: Episode Three

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Adeleke didn’t see their relationship ending, at least not the way it did, he couldn’t make sense out of it, he couldn’t believe it was their first misunderstanding that led to the end of their relationship.

Tutu had already made up her mind to break up with him two weeks before their only misunderstanding and all she needed was that perfect excuse, in a way we could say she orchestrated the misunderstanding because the fault was from her end. Adeleke had told her he wasn’t feeling too well, that he would be heading to the hospital for proper treatment and he asked her to follow him. Adeleke was in Lagos, as a matter of fact he spent close to two month in Lagos Continue reading

Adeleke Love Story: Episode Two

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He gave it his best just to make it work and she also tried everything within her capacity but from the looks of things they weren’t that compatible soul mate they thought they were. Just like the way she read it in books, Princess wanted a long lasting relationship, a love that will grow and stand the test of time but as for Adeleke he didn’t believe in love planning, he thought things would fall into place when the time is right.

Princess never had any serious relationship (that not to say she didn’t fall in love) up until she met him again and this was a hindering factor to Adeleke who at least had more dating experience than her. They spent two and half years trying to see how they could cope with one another, she was in Ibadan and he was in Ogun State, from midnight calls, to regularly texting and once in a month checking up, he did all he could but at the end he got stressed out and just like that the relationship ended. Continue reading

The Mrs. Status 3

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She got into her one-bedroom apartment. This was her sanctuary of sanctity. Here, the problems of the world melted away. As expected, there was no electricity. She had to call the gate man, Timothy, to help her get it started.

She took her bath and ate the jollof rice left over from breakfast.

Bukola called her a few minutes to 10. She was engrossed in watching a Latino telenovela on her favorite channel. She asked him to call her back in 20 minutes as she had something urgent she was attending to. This gave her time to put off the gen and get into bed.

She always slept nude.

Bukola called her up again. They spoke for a while and then the conversation got lewd. She didn’t Continue reading

Adeleke Love Story

He didn’t have the attitude that was expected of an average 10 years old boy just entering into J.S.S 1, growing up in the most developed ghetto in Lagos, Adeleke was one of the most liked kid on his block, that kid way those bros they call “my boy” but he never for once allowed it get into his head. A very shy kid that his first real understanding of emotions was heartbreak (at least so he thought at the moment), the incident occurred when he was seven when he boldly asked a girl out only for her to turn him down saying he was a small boy because he had a very small physique and from that moment onward his how to approach girl instinct went dead. Continue reading

The Mrs. Status 2

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She didn’t want to tell her friends, Zuri and Moyo, that she had met this suave, dashing, and cool dude. She didn’t need to meet him one on one to know that he was super cool. She could hear it in his voice. He looked so good in that Facebook picture. She sat with her elbow propped on her desk. There wasn’t much disturbance today being a Wednesday. She was in the human resource department and today was almost like a free day to her. She had enough time to think about him. They continued chatting on Facebook. Later in the day, she had serious work to do. That was what snatched her from Bukola. He promised to call her later in the day. She was walking on sunshine.

In the traffic on her way home to Ojota, she couldn’t take her mind off Bukola. She was in a Bukola-induced bubble. Even though she was looking out the window on her left, no one, nothing would Continue reading