An Open Letter to @Jidenna

Dear Jittery Jidenna,

I got to know of your sensational faux pas on social media. Sweetie, I felt bad… for you. Don’t you know that Nigerians have no chill?

You put the country in a bad light. Don’t you know that Nigeria is one of the best countries in Africa? With our record of low corruption rate, low crime rate, you want to come and tarnish it? Please o, Jidenna. You want to put Nigeria in a bad light! Even sef, many of those people Twitting at you didn’t have light (electricity) in their homes while they were Twit-trashing you. Continue reading

CEOS’ Hub Global Enterprise Summit, Tanzania 2015 #CHGES15

On August 17th to August 21st, 2015, CEOS’ HUB will be hosting entrepreneurs from all over the world in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania for 5 days. The meeting, a gathering the solution to GLOBAL UNEMPLOYMENT will motivate and inspire SMEs to return to their countries as heros and heroines who will create employment opportunities.

Global Enterprise Summit Award: This helps us to bring entrepreneurs together to network physically, meet investors solve global economic challenges, get inspired and motivated. We also use this medium to award entrepreneurs who have contributed immensely to their communities and encourage firms and individuals who support entrepreneurs.

Mission statement

We are CEOS’ HUB, our mission is to contribute to the global economy by creating more job Continue reading

Come.Kick.Mediocrity #CKM2015

unknownCome.Kick.Mediocrity CKM2015, is a campaign initiative introduced by CHECKMATE, an undergraduate start up brand.

Average, Uninspired, Mediocre ,Usual, Unremarkable; these are words Youths have been tagged with in respect to our impact in our immediate environment, we’ve become comfortable with just passing through the system, not taking anything and not leaving anything, we live below our full potentials but are going to just let mediocrity become the norm? Continue reading

Success vs. Value

Success is a sub-content of value. Value is a concept on which success exist. Some successful people may not have value as regards to the fact that they have no social (cultural, political, economic) impact in helping the impoverish, having scholarship scheme to help few children through education, meeting the needs of the people, etc.

Success involves the count of ones achievement on the basis of wealth. Value brings success to someone but success does not bring value to someone. A man is remembered for the help he made to change life and not his wealth. when he dies, his name will not wither away. Continue reading